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March 2010 Annual Meeting

Founded in 1991 to provide a broad range of design and construction services in various fields of engineering.

We have successfully accomplished numerous projects in water and wastewater, road-construction, civil and structures, drainage and irrigation networks, oil and gas pipelines, electrical and power, and industrial installation fields.

For about 20 years, our experience and expertise has focused on the design, construction and commissioning of:

  • Water transmission and distribution networks.
  • Wastewater transmission and collection networks.

    • Potable and industrial water treatment plant, and urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
    • Dams, water transmission canals and downstream irrigation networks.
    • Concrete and steel reservoir tanks.
    • Road-construction.

     In addition, TARA provides specific expertise for site development, facility programming, engineering, quality control and construction for Clients in wide-range fields of building and structures, oil and gas pipelines, electrical and power and industrial services.

     Our engineering services are rendered via five departments that will be illustrated, though; TARA is not limited to these divisions:

     1- Department of Water & Wastewater:

     Department of Water & Wastewater is responsible for the design, execution and supervision of water and wastewater treatment plants, water transmission and distribution networks, urban water transmission and wastewater collection networks, and pumping stations.

     2- Department of Dam, irrigation and drainage networks:

     This department offers many engineering services to implement earth and concrete dam projects, industrial irrigation systems and drainage canals, and subsurface drainage networks.

     3- Department of installations:

     This team works closely with the two mentioned departments and is responsible for executing mechanical and electrical installations such as air-conditioning systems and air washers for projects, hydro mechanical and piping services, and electrical panels.

     4- Department of Road and Transportation:

     This department executes and manages road-construction and railway projects, subways and urban transport.

     5- Department of Building and Real estate:

     This team commenced its services focusing on executing residential and commercial building projects and Hotels, Hospitals and also real estate projects.

     In addition, this department has constructed several housing projects for sale.


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